Mission Bay

with Paul and Bradie

Proactive People.

Matt's Takeaways:

The Lowdown: Barcelona is what Stu calls "the #1 vacation rental battleground on the planet.” Shared economy businesses like Airbnb and Uber are as controversial in Barcelona as they are anywhere I’ve ever been.   But instead of getting even more bias...Our visit provided a really honest window into both sides of the discussion, giving us an idea of the best and the worst outcomes that the vacation rental industry can offer to its destination.

The Man on the Ground: Damien Harris is the owner of Picasso Suites, which he manages remotely from Berlin, with the help of four on-site staff members. Barcelona holds a unique place in Damien’s heart — it’s where he started his first business, it’s where he fell in love.

Key VR Moment: My biggest takeaway after meeting this epicenter of vacation rental activity through Damien’s eyes, is the theme of proximity: this idea that in order to solve our greatest problems, we must choose to be close to them. We must begin dialogue with people who hold opposing viewpoints, not arguing in order to win...but listening in order to empathize. Damien’s Barcelona is comprised of an intimate network of friends, acquaintances, and the occasional...

Key Traveler Tip: Cities like Barcelona teach us that when traveling to....


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