It's The Thought That Counts

Visiting Kauai for the first time, I didn’t know anyone or anything other than what my Lonely Planet guidebook said. 

But prior to arrival, the managers of the vacation rental I am staying in (shout out to Linda and Amy at GVR: ) asked what I was passionate about. 

I said, "I love outdoor adventure." 

They then connected me with Patrick, a high-school teacher who loves hiking and running in the Hawaiian mountainside. 


They connected me with Kelly, a former surf pro who runs his own stand-up-paddle (SUP) company. 


And they connected me with Blake, their friend who loves taking visitors out for open water swims. 



IDEA : One Superstrength of independent vacation rental owners and managers is our intimate understanding of (and appreciation for) our destinations. Curating our guest's experience costs nothing. But it adds a disproportionate amount of value to their stay. 

ACTION : Several days prior to your prospective guest's arrival, email them with one question: “When on vacation, what makes your heart race?” When they respond, decide on one small gesture — it could be an introduction, a gift, or a simple website link — that caters to their interest. 

It's the thought that counts. 


Matt Landau

Stuart Hooper