A Tale of Two VRS


"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." 

The Charles Dickens novel (A Tale of Two Cities) is about two men of vastly different backgrounds who fall in love with the same woman during the French Revolution. 

I was reminded of it when I received the following two email messages in the same day: 

Email #1: "I only have one property. FlipKey and VRBO have always kept it well booked, so I was never motivated to take the next steps for listing site independence. VRBO's latest move to block the communication with my clients has motivated me to take action, streamline my business, expand my advertising and try to start driving direct bookings."

Email #2: "I have 17 listings on Homeaway/VRBO (each of which cost $379/year) and I can't complain, HomeAway is producing great results. In the past 45 days I have received 72 inquiries, and 42 reservation requests totaling a combined $170,229 (gross nightly rental rate). I am motivated now, more than ever before, to educate the guests one by one and hope they book directly with us in the future :)"

An owner and a manager from vastly different backgrounds who have adopted the same outlook on their vacation rental businesses. 

We're all protagonists in this vacation rental revolution. 

Who's writing your script? 


Matt Landau

Stuart Hooper